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Young Performers

The Actors Fund has recognized the need to create unique services and programs for young performers and their families.  All families face issues and challenges related to giving their children a healthy and positive experience. Young performers have additional challenges connected to their involvement in activities related to their careers. Balancing academic, family and social activities with work and auditions, finding the appropriate school venue, i.e. home schooling vs. private schooling, vs. public education, coping with the industry’s fierce competition and financial management are just some of these issues.

The Fund’s Looking Ahead Program supports young performers ages 9 through 18, living in Southern California, in developing the values, skills and confidence they need to make successful transitions to fulfilling adult lives.

The State of California has named The Fund trustee of unclaimed Coogan Funds. In this capacity, the Fund transfers funds to beneficiaries, and protects these funds until they are claimed.