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Services for the Disabled

Program Description

The Fund’s Disabled Care Program provides supportive services for entertainment professionals and their families, who are coping with a short- or long-term illness or disability.

Social Workers help develop personalized plans. Information and advocacy is available to help negotiate medical bills, coordinate public or private benefits, arrange for home care and facilitate referrals to community resources.

For those who are temporarily unable to work, the program coordinates public and private income supports and other necessary services to sustain people through their recovery period and back to work. For those with long-term or permanent disabilities, the program connects people to the systems such as housing, transportation, income supports, medical and other specialized services.

For those who are unable to travel, home and hospital visits are available whenever possible.


Eligibility for The Fund's financial assistance program requires an application, documentation of your professional earnings and an interview. In general, eligibility for financial assistance is based on:

  • A minimum of five years of industry employment with earnings of at least $6,500 for three out of the last five years
  • Financial need


For additional information and an application, please contact our Intake Unit at the regional office closest to you:

Eastern Region

Lynnell Herzer, L.M.S.W
212.221.7300 ext. 143

Central Region

Steven Haught, L.C.P.C

Western Region

323.933.9244 ext. 455