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Financial Wellness Program

The Financial Wellness Program provides financial education, referrals, counseling and support to members of the performing arts and entertainment community. Our programs help people identify strategies for balancing income and expenses, reduce or eliminate debt, establish financial boundaries, and explore limiting beliefs about financial competence and self-worth.

Our services include:

Individual Services

One-on-One Counseling
to discuss personal obstacles to financial self-care. Information about debt management programs, credit counseling, and bankruptcy can be provided. An assessment interview is required.

Couples Counseling
Cohabitating or financially joined partners can meet with a social worker to discuss issues that pose a challenge to financial stability. Creating a joint spending plan, managing one partner’s debt, unemployment, or planning for children can be addressed. An assessment interview is required.

Financial Coaching with CSS Volunteer
In partnership with the Community Service Society, the Financial Wellness Program is offering free short-term financial coaching to individuals referred by a staff social worker. Coaching includes personal budget analysis, understanding your credit report, and improving your credit score.


Money Matters
Presentations by financial services experts on topics such as income taxes, financial planning and investing, student loans, and planning for retirement. Sessions are offered a la carte over the course of the year.

Groups and Workshops

Money and the Performing Artist
A six-week group that explores how cultural, family, and entertainment industry attitudes contribute to how we think about and use money. An initial interview is required.

Managing Cash Flow for Artists
A five-week workshop where members learn strategies for organizing expenses, balancing multiple sources of income, and planning for dry spells. We also discuss tips for aligning your professional and financial goals.

For additional information please contact the office closet to you:

Eastern Region
Amanda Clayman
212.221.7300 ext. 184

Central Region
Steven Haught, L.C.P.C

Western Region
Intake Department
323.933.9244 ext. 455


Financial Wellness Program Budget Credit Accounts Organizer Form - Download PDF.

Financial Wellness Program Budget Cash Flow Worksheet  -  Download PDF.