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Real Stories, Real Lives: Becca’s Story

January 11, 2017 | Services & ProgramsClient Stories

Becca is an actor who was diagnosed with colon cancer. While in chemotherapy, she continued work as a stand-by in the off-Broadway production of Dear Evan Hansen.

Overwhelmed with the diagnosis and unsure how to navigate her insurance options, she was still uninsured just days before her surgery. So she reached out to The Actors Fund for help.

The Fund’s counselors helped her to find a plan quickly, but Becca discovered that one of her medications would cost her $650 per round of chemotherapy with her insurance (or $5,200 for 8 rounds).

The medication was essential but beyond what she could afford to pay.

Thanks to your support, Becca received emergency financial assistance from The Actors Fund, and referrals to MusiCares and The Episcopal Actors' Guild for additional support, and was able to access the medication she needed.

Today she’s thriving, and says, “I can't express how grateful I am!”

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