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Stage Managers National Health Directory


Dr. Joe Conger

Specialty: Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Physical therapy, Private restorative pilates, Thai massage
Address: 35 West 31st St, suite 1103 NY, NY 10003
Practice: Silver Spring Wellness
Telephone number: 646-609-3503

Dr. Bryan Hersh, DPM

Specialty: Podiatry
Address: 414 N Orleans St, Suite 212, Chicago, IL 60654
Practice: Center for Podiatric Medicine
Telephone number: 312.923.1100

Dr. Eugene Rosenthal, D.P.M. FACFAS

Specialty: Podiatry, Foot and Ankle Surgery
Address: 4500 E. 9th Ave., Suite 510 Denver, CO 80220
Practice: The Center for Foot and Ankle Care
Telephone number: 303.333.6556

Louis Galli D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S.

Specialty: DPM board certified in Foot and Ankle
Address: 25 Central Park West, Suite 1R, New York, NY 10023
Practice: Galli Podiatric Foot & Ankle Associates, P.C.
Telephone number: 212.262.4588

Martin McGrath, D.P.M.

Specialty: Podiatry
Address: 121 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022 and 984 N. Broadway, 502, Yonkers, NY 10201
Practice: Dr. Martin McGrath
Telephone number: NY: 212.319.3339, Yonkers: 914.966.0809

Ankle and Foot Center

Specialty: Podiatry
Address: 2835 W. De Leon S. Ste 101, Tampa, FL 33609
Practice: Ankle and Foot Center
Telephone number: 813.254.4747

Robert Salk

Specialty: Podiatrist
Address: 45 Castro Street, Suite 315, San Francisco, CA 94114
Practice: Northern California Foot and Ankle Center
Telephone number: 415.565.0200

Dr. Mark Pinter

Specialty: Podiatrist
Address: 490 Post Street, Suite 336, San Francisco, CA 94102
Practice: Complete Foot Care
Telephone number: 415.781.4833

Thomas M. Novella, D.P.M.

Specialty: DPM, Podiatry, foot and ankle complaints, investigation into problems that are difficult to solve, conservative, non-surgical solutions to problems
Address: 343 West 58th Street, Suite 11, New York, NY 10019
Practice: Thomas M. Novella, DPM
Telephone number: 212.506.0242

Dr. Lawrence Oloff

Specialty: Podiatrist
Address: 500 Arguello St, Suite 100, Redwood City CA 94063
Practice: SOAR Medical Group
Telephone number: 650.995.1292