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Stage Managers National Health Directory


Gene Juarez Spas

Specialty: Massage
Address: 607 Pine Street, Seattle WA 98101
Practice: Gene Juarez Spas
Telephone number: 206.326.6000

Carl Hangee-Bauer

Specialty: Acupuncture
Address: 1615 20th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107
Practice: San Francisco Natural Medicine
Telephone number: 415.643.6600

American Massage Therapy Association

Specialty: Massage Therapy Referral Service
Telephone number: 877.905.0577

Marengo Luxury Spa

Specialty: Massage Therapy
Address: 401 Euclid Avenue, Suite 135, Cleveland, OH 44114
Practice: Marengo Luxury Spa
Telephone number: 216.621.4600

Frances Reed

Specialty: Massage
Address: 1418 Pennsylvania Ave SE 2nd floor Washington, DC 20003
Practice: Freed Bodyworks
Telephone number: 202-277-8629

Aura Spa

Address: 1517 15th St NW
Telephone number: 202.588.5557

Lisa Cosman

Specialty: Individualized Nutritional Consultation for Energy, Stamina, Vitality and Appearance
Address: 232 East 12th Street, Suite 8G, New York, NY 10003
Practice: Lisa Cosman, Practical Nutrition (a series of learning, focused appointments)
Telephone number: 212.529.6373

Dr. Mauricio Y. Bitran, M.D. and Dr. Franz Rivera, M.D.

Specialty: Obstetricians/Gynecologists
Address: 4308 Alton Road (across from ER) Miami, FL 33140-4556
Practice: Bitran and Rivera MDs LLC
Telephone number: 305.673.9270

Virginia Mason Medical Center

Specialty: General Practice/Gynecology
Address: 1100 9th Ave. Seattle, WA 98101
Practice: Virginia Mason Medical Center
Telephone number: 206.223.6600 or 888.862.2737 toll free

Midwest Women's Healthcare

Specialty: Obstetrics, Gynecology
Address: 2340 E Meyer Blvd, Bldg 2, #598 Kansas City, MO 64132 and many other locations, see website.
Telephone number: 816.444.6888