Natalie Johnson Dance: Sleeptalking | Actors Fund
Past Event

Natalie Johnson Dance: Sleeptalking



Running Time: 

60 min


Natalie Johnson Dance

Natalie Johnson Dance has investigated the powerful narrative hidden in every sleeping night, and created a dance to reflect and evoke the dream landscape. This evening-length Modern dance performance is a collaboration between Natalie Johnson Dance and contemporary Italian composer Norberto Oldrini.  Together they have developed "Sleeptalking" with the intention of creating a beautiful and haunting marriage of music and dance. The movement pairs with the complex and ethereal nature of the sound to produce an effect much like the dream state: nightmarish, illogical, humorous, and hurtful.

They joined together disparate forms of art, spanning across continent and culture in the effort to discover what makes us human, and what makes separate humans unique. In connecting community members through the common experience of the dream, Natalie Johnson Dance invites an open dialogue about dreams and the subconscious that persists beyond the final movement of the piece. Fluid dancers channel dream states with tender precision and jagged edges. Evocative, provocative and mildly spell-binding, expect a mind/body/soul ride that lingers.


Tickets: $15 Suggested Donation Admission